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Early riser? A price to pay

Omg! Can't imagine that is getting more and more tiring, after two weeks of trial period. Started my early rise than usual, which is sending baby to nanny much earlier than usual, is even more tiring as I prolonged my working hours now. And I think I became more efficient, work done mostly in the morning, after lunch usually I'm free, at the moment. Soon my phD labwork gonna start, hope that I can adapt to it well. Now the trial period is wearing me out, hopefully with the same working hours, by then I already get used to it. 
Wanted to go for a massage but worry bout the timing, super tired, wanna get some sleeps. After a while, thinking probably getting a coffee to stay awake might be better. Do a little search on the effect of caffeine on breast milk, apparently only less than 1% go into my breast milk! I happily bought a regular cup of cappuccino (not black coffee as caffeine level is even higher) and a siew bao (a type of yummylicious chinese pastry) to pop myself in ord…
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Work, phD, & a baby. What?

I decided to start blogging this, as I know that it wasnt easy and I would like to keep a blog to keep me going. Hopefully by end of 3 years, when I review my blog and is worth it! Is been in my mind since last year January, after I gotta my Master degree, I will definitely wanna pursuit my phD. And I got pregnant soon after that. I decided to take a year break for pregnancy and continue after delivery this year January. 
I'm now a full time working researcher in industrial and a full time mama for my 8 months old. Been struggling to attempt phD since early this year, at first couldn't find a right supervisor, and 2 months ago managed to hunt for one. Ideally is to use company project as phD and I have kill 2 birds with a same stone, unfortunately things are not always turn out as what you want. After talking to Prof Cheong, he agreed that taking a project from the supervisor is feasible, and i went ahead. Then, there are more, is not as simple as just a phD. The interview be…